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What is Evolution Engineering?

With the latest technological advances in microbiology, now we can talk about evolution engineering.

Evolution engineering is not about mixing human elements with electronic components, but about utilizing new technologies at the microbiological level in order to improve the human genome.
There is nothing unnatural in this improvement process.  The basic concept is to select the best genes –excluding the ones with defects, from the female and male partners, and with them do the fertilization of zygotes in vitro.

There are thousands of physical diseases already identified at gene level -like diabetes, genes of violence that result in all types of crime, and genes related to pathologies of consciousness: epilepsy, schizophrenia, syncope (transient interruption of consciousness), psychopathic jealousy, uncontrollable easily aroused irritability…and many more.  

In the selection process, the genes with physical, emotional and mental diseases are filtered out.    

But first of all, what is a gene?

The chromosomes contain packages of genes, and the genes are made of pairs of DNA.There are 20,000 to 25,000 genes that make up the human DNA. All the genetic information is transmitted by the oocyte in conjunction with the spermatozoid, to the zygote (embryo) they form.

In the body there are somatic cells—body cells that have two sets of chromosomes, one from the mother and another one from the father—and reproductive cells—oocytes and spermatozoids—that have only one set of chromosomes. When the oocyte is fertilized by the spermatozoid, they merge and create the zygote, which has somatic cells with two sets of chromosomes.    

The gene’s optimization process may be simple stated:  If we select oocytes and spermatozoids that do no have genes with known diseases, we conceive an optimized human body.

Parents to be, instead of conceiving in the natural way, go to a specialized clinic where they have oocytes and spermatozoids extracted in abundant quantities.  The genes of these oocytes and spermatozoids are screened out and the best, are used to conceive a zygote “in vitro” (actually is on a dish).  The conceived zygote is then implanted on the mother’s womb, where the optimized child follows from that moment until his/her birth, the natural development process. 

In the first stage of the Last call from Earth trilogy –which deals with biological survival, the human body’s optimization concept is advanced a lot further extracting oocytes and spermatozoids of millions of persons, selecting the best of them all, and then doing mass fertilizations in vitro.  The conceived zygotes are not implanted into surrogate mothers, but developed in artificial labs that simulate the natural mother-womb environment. Since they do no have known physical parents, they are called “Children of God”.

An optimization of the body of course, must be accompanied by an enlightenment of the spirit in order to have an integral evolution. 

What do you think about, how do you see yourself with respect to others, what is your mission in life, what are your fundamental paradigms?

To guide you with respect to these questions, I invite you to read the Rupturian Paradigms presented in the report “Rupturian Vision of Reality” -foundation concepts of the Last call from Earth trilogy.

For additional concepts about Evolution Engineering, I invite you to read the first report of the Last call from Earth trilogy: Biological Survival.     

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