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November 25, 2006

What is Evolution Engineering?

With the latest technological advances in microbiology, now we can talk about evolution engineering.

Evolution engineering is not about mixing human elements with electronic components, but about utilizing new technologies at the microbiological level in order to improve the human genome.
There is nothing unnatural in this improvement process.  The basic concept is to select the best genes –excluding the ones with defects, from the female and male partners, and with them do the fertilization of zygotes in vitro.

There are thousands of physical diseases already identified at gene level -like diabetes, genes of violence that result in all types of crime, and genes related to pathologies of consciousness: epilepsy, schizophrenia, syncope (transient interruption of consciousness), psychopathic jealousy, uncontrollable easily aroused irritability…and many more.  

In the selection process, the genes with physical, emotional and mental diseases are filtered out.    

But first of all, what is a gene?

The chromosomes contain packages of genes, and the genes are made of pairs of DNA.There are 20,000 to 25,000 genes that make up the human DNA. All the genetic information is transmitted by the oocyte in conjunction with the spermatozoid, to the zygote (embryo) they form.

In the body there are somatic cells—body cells that have two sets of chromosomes, one from the mother and another one from the father—and reproductive cells—oocytes and spermatozoids—that have only one set of chromosomes. When the oocyte is fertilized by the spermatozoid, they merge and create the zygote, which has somatic cells with two sets of chromosomes.    

The gene’s optimization process may be simple stated:  If we select oocytes and spermatozoids that do no have genes with known diseases, we conceive an optimized human body.

Parents to be, instead of conceiving in the natural way, go to a specialized clinic where they have oocytes and spermatozoids extracted in abundant quantities.  The genes of these oocytes and spermatozoids are screened out and the best, are used to conceive a zygote “in vitro” (actually is on a dish).  The conceived zygote is then implanted on the mother’s womb, where the optimized child follows from that moment until his/her birth, the natural development process. 

In the first stage of the Last call from Earth trilogy –which deals with biological survival, the human body’s optimization concept is advanced a lot further extracting oocytes and spermatozoids of millions of persons, selecting the best of them all, and then doing mass fertilizations in vitro.  The conceived zygotes are not implanted into surrogate mothers, but developed in artificial labs that simulate the natural mother-womb environment. Since they do no have known physical parents, they are called “Children of God”.

An optimization of the body of course, must be accompanied by an enlightenment of the spirit in order to have an integral evolution. 

What do you think about, how do you see yourself with respect to others, what is your mission in life, what are your fundamental paradigms?

To guide you with respect to these questions, I invite you to read the Rupturian Paradigms presented in the report “Rupturian Vision of Reality” -foundation concepts of the Last call from Earth trilogy.

For additional concepts about Evolution Engineering, I invite you to read the first report of the Last call from Earth trilogy: Biological Survival.     

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November 19, 2006

What is Evolution?

Evolution must be seen from the proper perspective; otherwise, we may end up with wrong conclusions.

First, evolution must be seen within the proper time perspective.

When Darwin thought about the evolution of the fittest his frame of mind was the last 10 million years –we could have a time frame of 100 million years if we include the survival of the mammals over the dinosaurs; but the evolution of life on Earth has taken 3.5 billion years.

Life started on Earth as a microscopic, undifferentiated bank of RNA. It took 1 billion years of evolution for this undifferentiated bank of RNA to form individual cells –still without a nucleus.  It took another 1 billion years for these cells to have a nucleus.  Obviously, at this stage, “survival of the fittest” doesn’t apply.

After 3 billion years of evolution we had bacteria; and even when they aggregated and formed colonies, they didn’t integrate into more complex organisms. Three billion years have passed since the beginning of life on Earth, and yet, there were no flowers, no trees, no insects, no amphibians, no reptiles, no birds, and no mammals. Collective cooperation was necessary to form complex organisms.      
Three billion years and still, to understand evolution the time perspective must be enlarged to include the chemical conditions that made possible the origin of life on Earth.

The evolution of life on Earth must be seen within the context of the evolution of our entire universe; that is, life within cosmic evolution.       


Second, evolution must be seen within the proper set of cosmic principles.

The cosmic principle of evolution doesn’t operate in a vacuum; there are at least six other principles (forces or laws) that govern the behavior of our universe in its formation and evolution: Symmetry, Harmony, Unity, Equilibrium, Synchronism, and Concatenation.

The Principle of Symmetry establishes the gate of communication between the Not-Being and Being dimensions of God, and allows interaction among all branes of the real and parallel dimensions of reality. Once this gate-platform is established, the Principle of Harmony puts together the required conditions for a singular element to exist; its singularity checked by the Principle of Unity. This unique element, then, enters into a process of Evolution. Evolution advances in Equilibrium. At this point, it is necessary to Synchronize and Concatenate similar elements in time cycles, in order to form evolutionary groups. 

As you may conclude, the orchestration of this highly complex process may not occur on its own; but only under the divine direction (intelligent design) of God.


Third, evolution must be seen with respect to the proper layers of reality.

As reality evolves, more complex layers of reality appear.

In our current state of evolution, reality is divided into seven layers: Subjacent, Physical, Biological, Emotional, Mental, Spiritual, and Divine. Each layer rests on the previous ones and has appeared progressively in the evolution of reality.

The Subjacent Layer is a-temporal; it contains the principles that govern the behavior of our universe. It exists before the Big Bang. It is the wrapping of each and all branes that exist in our universe.

The Physical Layer, the first one to appear in our reality, forms our space-time context. Starting its materialization at the Big Bang 15 billion year ago, in an evolutionary process, progressively formed electrons, photons, quarks, atoms, molecules, elements (hydrogen, oxygen, iron, etc.), galaxies, and planets.

The Biological Layer -the only one normally considered when doing analysis of evolution, started on Earth 3.5 billion years ago. From the initial,  microscopic bank of RNA that was the first living being on Earth, in the last 500 million years cosmic evolution has progressively created, each on top of the other as complexity evolves, the Emotional, Mental, Spiritual, and Divine layers.

The Soul (consciousness), designed by God at the Subjacent Layer, through a process of evolutionary differentiation that starts at the Physical Layer, gets to the Spiritual Layer as a unique, personal entity.

The spirit is the spark of life.  This spark is the same from the moment life started on Earth 3.5 billion years ago to the present; and is the same in all living organisms.

The Soul on the other hand, changes with evolution: becomes more complex, richer and spiritual. A Lyon has a sense of self-identity: he has a soul; but not as complex and rich as ours.  We ourselves now have a richer soul than the one we had 6 million years ago; but poorer than the one we will have 6 million years from now.

At our present state of evolution, our soul has risen to individual consciousness. As our evolution continues, new components will be added to our brain that will progressively allow us integrated, collective consciousness, until we reach the Divine Layer.
A meeting of our integrated souls with the divine cosmic consciousness: that is our final destination.

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My next blogs will be:  What is Evolution Engineering?, and, What is the Soul?




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