Last call from Earth
Homo sapiens' saga for survival   
I am Al Herr V, the Historian, Director in charge of the preservation of historical reports for the Brain Council, United Colonies
Archives, reporting directly to the Human Survival Authority, stationed on New Earth.

We have just received the last call from Earth. It was from Al Herr IV, the Open: my father. He preferred to stay on Earth and die
there, like all of our family. My ancestors, having traveled throughout all the space-time tunnels (wormholes) of the Ptolomeo Dual
Spiral (The Spiral), have always returned to Earth to die. I am the first Al Herr that will die on a colony.

Our saga for survival lasts over 280 years, starting at the time of Al Herr I, the Biological—forty-three years after the rupture in
space that accelerated the freezing of our galaxy.

After experiencing the vastness of the colonies, which we created in The Spiral, the first Al Herr said, “The Earth is not big, but it is
our land.” Unfortunately, nobody will be able to say that anymore. The Earth will exist only in our memories, in the archives that we
have created to maintain the history of our spirit, and in the make believe cities: Little New York, Little London, Little Rome, Little
Moscow, Little Riyadh, Little Peking, Little Tokyo, Little Delhi, Little Mexico…and many others that we have replicated in our colony
known as New Earth.

Being in charge of the United Colonies Archives, I have access to the most important documents and reports of our history. I have
prepared a collection of them to remind us of our basic, innate flaws, looking for a way to maintain the peace that we have finally
come to enjoy after several devastating microbiological wars, which almost finished the human race.

We are in the year 280 A.R. (after the rupture in space), which is equivalent to 2292 A.D.—or as Al Herr III, the Spiritual, would say
if he were alive: The year of Our Lord, 2292.

I have selected documents and reports that deal with our three stages of survival:

•        Stage I, Biological Survival
•        Stage II, Socio-Political Survival
•        Stage III, Spiritual Survival

And additionally, to present scientific, philosophical, and spiritual foundation concepts, I have compiled the report (Rupturian
Vision of Reality).

I also include several background documents and reports, which I consider essential to establishing a proper context. Some
documents are incomplete, but I have included them because of their importance. Of the Discovery of the Rupturian Civilization
document, for example, only one page remains, but this is the most important document in the history of mankind.


The unprecedented capabilities we were able to attain in such a short period of time—like being able to travel at a speed greater
than the speed of light on waves that exist in the parallel dimension of reality,  to project events from the past as images on
spintronic three-dimensional-television or in the air as holograms, to clone human beings to perfection, to fertilize human cells
and develop human bodies in lab environments, and to transplant human souls into younger bodies—were possible only after
understanding the Rupturian Vision of Reality.

After having solved several serious problems of human survival, and having advanced so much in only 280 years, I would like to
express thanks and admiration to our predecessors, the Rupturians. Without the spark of thought they implanted in our brains,
without their understanding of reality and their vision of God’s purposes and designs, and without their guidance on how to
obtain and maintain a durable peace, we, Homo sapiens, would not be in any of our colonies today.

Al Herr V, the Historian

Director of the United Colonies Archives
Reporting Directly to the Human Survival Authority

Little New York, New Earth, October 6, 2292 A.D. (280 A.R.)

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Al Herr V, the Historian

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Al Herr

We are in the year 2292 A.D., equivalent to 280 A.R. (After the Rupture in space).   

The Rupture in Space occurred on Dec 21, 2012, when  a collision of our universe's branes
-minor compared with the Big-Bang that resulted in the creation of our universe 15 billion years ago-

created a rupture in our universe through which an infinite number of quantum string drops,
like blood coming out of an injured body

-spacetime behaved like a fluid-

escaped into the realm of nothingness.