Last call from Earth
Homo sapiens' saga for survival
Albert  Herrera  
Al Herrera (Alberto Herrera-Guzmán) studied Philosophy at the
universities of San Carlos, Guatemala, Madrid and Navarre,
Spain, and mathematics-computer sciences at New York
University.  He provides consulting services in information
technologies, focused on the integration of systems that run in
multiple environments.  He has provided consulting services in
North, Central, and South America, the Caribbean, Europe, and
the Far East.

Al Herr’s concepts about the
Parallel Dimension of Reality as the
background of the Real Dimension originated from the well
known paradigm in information technologies:  “The network is the
computer.”   In the initial stages of information technologies, all
the processing power was in every single computer.  As we
progressed and established communication networks,
computers (the part accessed by the user) became just
recipients, connectors to the everyday increasing bases of
information available in the networks.  

Reality has two dimensions:  Real and Parallel. The Parallel
Dimension is the background of the Real Dimension. The
shortest quantum waves we can perceive in the Real Dimension
are the gamma rays. In the Parallel Dimension, there are waves
so infinitely small that they touch the realm of nothingness. These
waves record an image of the Real Dimension, as the universe
expands in time and space. With the proper frequency, we can
access these waves and perceive –project as holograms- events
from the past.

The basic premise is not, “I think therefore I exist.”   (Descartes’ Cogito ergo sum). The basic premise is, “I think therefore
the real dimension of reality exists.” I think therefore reality exists (
Cogito ergo realitas est); not in the sense that I create it
but in the sense that out of the infinite potential reality-components that exist in the parallel dimension, the ones that become an
act are the ones that I perceive—the ones that I perceive with my ability of perception at my current stage of evolution. As my
evolution continues, new aspects will appear in the real reality. My perception-projection creates the holographic real dimension
of reality

Reality of Realities

At least one man needs to be alive for the Human Reality to exist.

To the Natural Reality, I am less than a drop of water in the ocean...
less than the dust of dust...

But in my Personal Reality, I am what I am: all encompassing.
I am God’s most precious creation.
The world exists for me to exist.

When I die, when I swim into the deep sea of death,
She, the ship of the universe, will sink with me.


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Cogito ergo
realitas est