Last call from Earth
Homo sapiens' saga for survival
LCE Stage I, Biological Survival

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Al Herr

A message from the Human Survival Authority (HSA)

Time goes by very fast. We have to hurry up and teleport our people off Earth as soon as possible. Before we do that, it is imperative
that we complete the soul transplantation and transfiguration programs already approved by the Brain Council. Since we anticipate
serious social problems will develop, we are creating a special force to support the execution of the human salvage activities on
Earth and in the colonies.

Empowering HSA Microbial Deputies

Since we will not be able to save everybody, we anticipate that in the selection process there will be fights at the scale of wars.

That’s why we are creating HSA Deputies with full power over all life, flora, and fauna at microbial, animal, and human levels, all
throughout our universe.  

Since the HSA Deputies will do their work with the support of trillions of microbes in several areas, they will be called Microbial
Deputies.  There will be a total of 1,000 Microbial Deputies on Earth and on each of the seven colonies. They will work in teams of
twenty (four sub-teams of five).   

The Microbial Deputies will wear a special uniform that will make them invincible. There are no arms, tanks, airplanes, or war
artifacts of any kind, either on Earth or in the colonies, that can harm a Microbial Man/Woman in his/her suit, not even an atomic
bomb.  And equally, there are no arms, tanks, airplanes, or any war artifacts that can resist their destructive powers

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Al Herr

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Not global warming
but global freezing
that's the problem
In the year 2114 A.D. (102 A.R.), the overall temperature for winter in the Northern Hemisphere has dropped to
42 degrees Fahrenheit below zero. Within the accelerated freezing process of the sun, created by the rupture of
our universe at midnight on December 21 of 2012, the overall temperature on Earth is decreasing at a rate of five
degrees Fahrenheit every twenty years.

A hundred years from now, the winter temperature in the Northern Hemisphere will be 62 degrees below zero.  
Five hundred years from now, it will be 142, and in a thousand, 242.

Life is impossible at such temperatures.
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