Last call from Earth
Homo sapiens' saga for survival
LCE Stage II, Socio-politicalSurvival

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Al Herr

Starting a microbiological war of worldwide proportions is easy; the problem is how to stop it, since the microbes take the war on
their own and get out of control.

Who would be insane enough to start a microbiological war so huge that it could bring the entire human race to the point of
extinction, annihilating even themselves?

What can we do to protect ourselves from a microbiological attack?

And if we are hit, what can we do to survive?

This book includes
Paradigms for a new Socio-Political perspective:

Survival in the new millennium

Witness events from the past via the Parallel Dimension of Reality

Tenotchitlán ( 1521 A.D.): Social  extinction    
The Microbes War

A biological warfare of worldwide proportions has risen on Earth
Millions will die

Will man be able to survive?

This book has been
replaced by
Rupturian Wars
(Our own annihilation)
The Book VS the Movie