Last call from Earth
Homo sapiens' saga for survival
Rupturian Vision of Reality
This book-report contains selected foundation concepts of their advanced vision of reality:

  • The two dimensions of God (Not-Being and Being)

  • The two dimensions of reality (Real and Parallel)

  • Nature, origin and evolution of the soul

Learn about the physical component of the soul: soulstrings; about soul transplantation from
one body to another; about the transfiguration of the soul’s spiritual energy into soulstrings.

Rupturian Paradigms

  • The Supreme Paradigm (God)

  • The Anthropic Paradigm (Mission)

  • The Holographic Paradigm  (Nature of Reality)

  • The Layers of Reality Paradigm (Perspective)

  • The Deep Time Paradigm (Cosmic Evolution)

  • The Soul Paradigm

We can not travel in time to the past (or to the future), but the Rupturians present a way of experiencing events from the past:

Reality has two dimensions:  Real and Parallel. The Parallel Dimension is the background of the Real Dimension. The shortest
quantum waves we can perceive in the Real Dimension are the gamma rays. In the Parallel Dimension, there are waves so infinitely
small that they touch the realm of nothingness. These waves record an image of the Real Dimension, as the universe expands in
time and space. With the proper frequency, we can access these waves and perceive–project as holograms- events from the past;
like watching a 3D movie.

Experience events from the past via the recordings in the Parallel Dimension.

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Al Herr

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What is teleportation?
Who were the Rupturians?

The Rupturians flourished as an advanced civilization for over 20 million years in an archipelago of planets,
in a sea of plasma waves that existed at the other side of the Milky Way.

As Al Herr V, the Historian, starts his report:

"The unprecedented capabilities we were able to attain in such a short period of time—like being able to travel at
a speed greater than the speed of light on waves that exist in the parallel dimension of reality,  to project events
from the past as images on spintronic three-dimensional-television or in the air as holograms, to clone human
beings to perfection, to fertilize human cells and develop human bodies in lab environments, and to transplant
human souls into younger bodies—were possible only after understanding the Rupturian Vision of Reality."