Al Herr Integrates Evolution with Intelligent Design in New Book,
the Rupturian Vision of Reality
In Rupturian Vision of Reality, overview of the three volume Last Call from Earth series, Al Herr lays
out a new vision of reality, integrating up-to-the-minute thinking about evolution with theories of
Intelligent Design. The book presents no less than a reimagined cosmology. In compelling detail,
Herr describes the nature, origin and evolution of the soul; its physical component: soulstrings; its
transfiguration into spiritual energy, and the basics concepts for soul's transplantation to another

New York, NY (PRWeb) January 31, 2007 – In Rupturian Vision of Reality (http://www., Al Herr lays out a revolutionary cosmology for the 21st
century, creating a work that is literate, intelligent and a great science fiction tale. Drawing on his
deep knowledge of philosophy and mathematics, Herr's book is accessible and compelling, using
a laconic style and a fictional device to draw readers into big ideas..

The Rupturian Vision of Reality is an overview of the Last Call from Earth trilogy. In both the book
and the series, Al Herr integrates the latest scientific and technological discoveries and lays out a
cosmological perspective that makes possible teleportation, teleconsciouness, soul
transplantation, transfiguration of the soul’s spiritual energy into soulstrings, human cloning to
perfection, genes micro engineering to optimize human evolution, and witnessing events of the
past via  recordings in the parallel dimension of reality.

Who are the Rupturians? The Rupturians are the ingenious device Herr uses to explain the details
of his new cosmology. He conceives them as an advanced civilization that flourished for over 20
million years in an archipelago of planets that existed at the other side of the Milky Way, and that
brought life to Earth.

Within the context of the Rupturian Vision of Reality, and with the technology of their advanced
civilization, Al Herr develops the action trilogy Last Call from Earth (http://www.lastcallfromearth.
com) –a saga of biological, socio-political and spiritual survival at a global scale that starts on
December 2012, and lasts for 280 years.

Currently available is volume one of the trilogy, “Biological Survival” (http://www.lastcallfromearth.
com/StageIcover.html). Millions are affected by Circadian Rhythm Degeneration Syndrome
(CRDS), which disrupts the normal functioning of the DNA.  Without the guidance and control of the
DNA, human bodies become physically, mentally and emotionally deformed in grotesque and
repugnant ways. There is no cure for CRDS; the only solution is to transplant the souls of the
affected people to healthy bodies created in lab environment. New procedures are based on the
Rupturians’ understanding of the nature of the soul, and using their most advanced biological

The Rupturian Vision of Reality forces readers to reexamine the most basic paradigms, including
The Supreme Paradigm (God), The Anthropic Paradigm (Mission), The Holographic Paradigm
(Nature of Reality), The Layers of Reality Paradigm (Perspective), The Deep Time Paradigm
(Cosmic Evolution), The Soul Paradigm (State-Nature of the Soul), and The Continuous
Renovation Paradigm (The Eagle’s Plight).

About the Author
Al Herr is the pen name of Alberto Herrera-Guzman. Herrera-Guzman studied philosophy at the
universities of San Carlos, Guatemala, Madrid and Navarre, Spain, and mathematics-computer
sciences at New York University.  He provides consulting services in information technologies,
focused on the integration of systems that run in multiple environments.  He has provided
consulting services in North, Central, and South America, the Caribbean, Europe, and the Far East.

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About the Author

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