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Last Call from Earth
Stage I,
Biological Survival

by Al Herr - 2007
292 pages

Origin of Life on Earth
Evolution of Life on Earth

Human Survival

United Colonies Archives

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Read the foundation
concepts of the trilogy
Last call from Earth
Homo sapiens' saga for survival   

Last call from Earth, Stage I Biological Survival

In December of the year 2012, a collision of branes creates a rupture in our universe.
As a consequence, millions of galaxies separate themselves out and disappear into
the night. The solar system accelerates its freezing process.

On Earth, a major earthquake opens up a deep hole in the Yucatan peninsula.
Expeditions into this hole, miles deep, find the remnants of an ancient civilization
several millions of years old. This civilization comes to be known as the Rupturians.

With the technological advances of the Rupturians, we learn to build Inter Galactic
Teleportation Chambers, which we use to colonize seven planets in the galaxy
Ptolomeo Dual Spiral.

Over a period of 54 years, we teleport 800 million people to these colonies… But,
unexpectedly, without knowing the cause, people in the colonies get their DNA
archetypes out of control and become deformed physically, emotionally and mentally.
The only salvation is to transplant their souls into bodies created in lab environments.

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Last call from Earth trilogy.

Al Herr

Within the context of an action trilogy of the Homo sapiens' saga for
survival, learn about the nature and evolution of the soul, about soul
transplantation from one body to another, about the transfiguration of
the soul's spiritual energy into soutstrings, and about our
participation engineering the biological optimization of the Homo
sapiens' evolution.

Even when most of the concepts presented in the Last call from Earth (LCE) trilogy and its Foundation Concepts are based on
up-to-date scientific, philosophical, and spiritual facts and concepts, there are also many imaginary ones.  
LCE is presented as Science-Fiction (SF). There are no claims otherwise.
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