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Rupturian Vision of

by Al Herr - 2007
168 pages

Al Herr VI, The Historian

The Rupture of Our Universe

Discovery of the Rupturian
Civilization ...

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Table of Contents
About this book

LCE Stage I
Biological Survival

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Al Herr
Last call from Earth
Homo sapiens' saga for survival   

Rupturian Vision of Reality  
-Last call from Earth Foundation Concepts

Who were the Rupturians?

The Rupturians flourished as an advanced civilization for over 20 million years in a
sea of plasma waves that existed at the other side of the Milky Way.

This book-report contains selected foundation concepts of their advanced vision of

  • The two dimensions of God (Not-Being and Being)
  • The two dimensions of reality (Real and Parallel)
  • Nature, origin and evolution of the soul

Learn about the physical component of the soul: soulstrings; about soul
transplantation from one body to another; about the transfiguration of the soul’s
spiritual energy into soulstrings.

Prepare yourself for the future: Develop new paradigms for your personal reality.

  1. The Supreme Paradigm (God)
  2. The Anthropic Paradigm (Mission)
  3. The Holographic Paradigm (Nature of Reality)
  4. The Layers of Reality Paradigm (Perspective)
  5. The Deep Time Paradigm (Cosmic Evolution)
  6. The Soul Paradigm (State-Nature of the Soul)
  7. The Continuous Renovation Paradigm (The Eagle’s Plight)


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Within the context of an action trilogy of the Homo sapiens' saga for
survival, learn about the nature and evolution of the soul, about soul
transplantation from one body to another, about the transfiguration of
the soul's spiritual energy into soutstrings, and about our
participation engineering the biological optimization of the Homo
sapiens' evolution.

Even when most of the concepts presented in the Last call from Earth (LCE) trilogy and its Foundation Concepts are based on
up-to-date scientific, philosophical, and spiritual facts and concepts, there are also many imaginary ones.  
LCE is presented as Science-Fiction (SF). There are no claims otherwise.
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