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Q. —Where did you grow up and was reading and writing part of your life? Who were your earliest influences and why?

A: —I grew up in Guatemala and in Spain. In Guatemala I learned about the Mayans, and was always struck by their complete
disappearance. I visited several of their ancient cities. In the first book of the Last call from Earth trilogy, via the recordings of the
past that are kept in the parallel dimension of reality, we perceive the Mayans when they were in all their splendor. In Spain I
became acquainted with Teilhard de Chardin’s “revolutionary” inclination towards intelligent design versus creationism. I
dedicate to him the foundation concepts of my trilogy, the Rupturian Vision of Reality.

Q. —Why do you write?

A: —I’ve always been writing. I like to do it. It gives me satisfaction. It puts me in a special perspective.

Q. —Who and/or what have been your biggest influences with regard to your writing and why?

A. —In addition to Chardin already mentioned, I was impressed very young by Einstein’s ideas. I wanted to study Physics. But
there were no careers in Physics in Guatemala in those days, so I took Philosophy —inclined toward Mathematics and Logic;
continued with classical Philosophy in Spain; ended up in New York with Mathematics oriented towards Computer Science. All
these studies put together gave me an integral perspective. The perspective is the key; it gives vision, and mission.

Q. —Congratulations on a fantastic novel “Last call from Earth” —This is a science fiction trilogy— Briefly explain the trilogy and
how each story is related to the next. Please tell us a bit about the novel and what inspired you to write it? How is the book
different from others in the genre?

A. —Last call from Earth is a saga for survival at a global scale. In the first stage, of biological survival, the normal functioning of
the DNA —which we take for granted, is disrupted. We call this deficiency CRDS —Circadian Rhythm Degeneration Syndrome.
People with CRDS can not be cured —and I am talking of millions; their only salvation is to transplant their souls to healthy
bodies that we conceive and develop in lab environments. There is nothing artificial in the procedures. Every thing is natural. We
select the best ovules and spermatozoids representative of all races, and do fertilization in vitro. In the selection of ovules and
spermatozoids we filter out those with deficiencies, so that in the end what we create is a path for optimizing our evolution. The
human beings conceived this way, since they do not have identifiable parents, are called “Children of God”. The plan is to let then
grow until they are 20 or so years old, and then use their bodies as recipients for the souls of those infected with CRDS. It is
obvious that when another soul is transplanted into their bodies, they, the Children of God will cease to exist. This is where Stage
I of the trilogy ends.

In Stage II, socio-political survival, there is a group that is against using the bodies of the children of God as is they were “suits”.
Their position is very clear: Those with CRDS, let them die… Since this is happening within the context of a precipitated freezing
of the sun, so that we have to get out of Earth in order to survive and we will not be able to save them all, wars of a global scale
arise. With major advances in technology obtained from the Rupturians —a civilization that flourished for over 20 million years in
a sea of plasma waves at the other side of the Milky Way, we come to be so powerful in destruction, that all previous world wars
become children play. At the end of Stage I, the bioterrorist organization known as “Bacillus”, in a fraction of a second destroys
the entire area of San Francisco without leaving not even a trace. Being the trilogy biological inclined, the major wars in Stage II
are microbiological. What can we do to survive? How are the germs cultivated, accumulated and transmitted? What happens if
the germs get out of control and come back to us?

Stage III deals with spiritual survival. What is the soul? What is the essence of our spirit? In stages I and III we do soul
transplants if two ways: physically transplanting the brain from one body to another, and transmitting the recordings in one brain
to another —cleaning, “erasing”, first, what is recorded in the recipient. In Stage III we go a step further, a take a gigantic leap
forward: We learn to transfigure our souls’ spiritual energy into soulstrings, and with soulstrings we create life. With soulstrings
we transmit the spirit of life. When somebody dies, with soulstrings we can bring him back to life. Of course if somebody dies
because his liver is not functioning, if we bring him back he will soon die again. But the point is that we can transmit the spark,
the spirit of life. Stage III is oriented towards the achievement of an integral evolution. As we did in Stage I that we perceived via
the parallel dimension of reality the Mayans in all their splendor, and in Stage II when see as if we were there the massacre of
thousands of Indians in Tenochitlan, in Stage III which a station of hope, we assist to the teachings of Quetzalcoatl, in
Teotihuacan (The City of Gods), two centuries before Christ.

Q. —What inspired you to write the trilogy?

A. —Before writing the trilogy I wrote essays and articles, but I thought that if I put action, if I write a story, I can then include within
it, as part of the context, my basic ideas, my fundamental paradigms. And this is what makes the book different to others the
same genre; that is, in the science-fiction genre. Most of what appears in the book is close to reality; but I prefer to call it ‘science-
fiction’ because then I have freedom: there are no limits, no boundaries to my imagination.

Q. —Who is the Microbial Deputies Force (MDF)? What is the Rupturian technology?

A. —The Microbial Deputies Force was created by the Human Survival Authority to oversee human salvage activities. They are,
literally speaking, invincible. As I say to my nephew Michael —still a kid, a Microbial Deputy is more powerful than Superman,
Batman and the Power Rangers combined, and with an important difference, you can not be Superman, because Superman is
from Krypton and your are from Earth, you don’t want to be Spiderman… he is the way he is because his genes got mixed up with
the genes of a spider, and believe, you don’t want to mess with your genes… but you can be a Microbial Deputy… all you have to
do is to wear an MD uniform —and learn how to use it, of course.

The power of the Microbial Deputies is in their uniform, which is connected to the Human Survival Authority network. You can
already see how the cellular phones are becoming everyday more powerful, with all sorts of facilities and communications. Now
enlarge that with more powerful technologies. You have seen in science-fiction ships in space that are protected with a magnetic
shield, apply the same concept but to a uniform, to a person, protected with a magnetic shield. The Rupturians flourished for over
20 million years… can you imagine what that is? In only 1 million years we the Homo sapiens have evolved from living in caves to
living in complex civilizations. Two hundred years ago we didn’t have telephones, airplanes, internet, etc. How advance is going
to be our technology in 10 million years? Well, some of the Rupturian technology is at the very core of the Last call from Earth

With Rupturian technology we do teleportation, souls transplant, souls spark transfiguration into soulstrings —transmitter of life—
, we can perceive events from the past via the parallel dimension of reality, and, based on their understanding of the two
dimensions of God: Being and Not-Being, we can bring existence into being from nothingness.

Q. —Last call from Earth spans over a period of 280 years starting after the rupture on the universe, what are your ‘realistic’
thoughts regarding our planet? Thoughts on ‘Global Warming’?

A. —The expression “Last call from Earth” may be interpreted as the last call that a person is doing from Earth, or as the last call
that the Earth itself is doing from an ecological perspective, as if saying ‘enough is enough’. Stop! No more degradation of the
environment! What can we do to stop global warning? It is too late to stop global warming. But we have to minimize it as much as
we can. With China and India developing so fast the global generation of carbon dioxide will double our current level in less than
50 years. In the Last call from Earth what happens is the reverse, the freezing of the solar system, but that is because of a rupture
in our universe produced by a collision of reality branes, similar en concept but minor in degree, to the collision that exploded in
the big-Bang 15 billion years ago… and obviously that is not realistic. But the global warming… that is a fact. An unstoppable fact;
what have to do is to find new technologies for the generation of energy; solar energy being the first. In the Last call from Earth
trilogy, being biological oriented, we create energy with microbes.

Q. —What is it that you enjoy about the science fiction genre?

A. —It puts me in the world of tomorrow. I can do whatever I want. My imagination is my only limit.  

Q.  Your imagination and the laws of nature… to make something that is believable.

A.  In general terms, yes; but I can also create a new reality, for example, where soul transplantation or teleportation are possible.

Q.  Which is precisely what you did with your “Rupturian Vision of Reality”.

A. That’s right, you got it!

Q. OK, Al, I appreciate the interview, and I wish you the best. You deserve it.

A.  Thank you. I appreciate that.    •       

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Dedicated to
Teilhard de Chardin

In Spain I became acquainted with Teilhard de Chardin’s “revolutionary” inclination
towards intelligent design versus creationism

I admire him because for a secular person, like myself, it is relatively easy to take any position
with respect to the origin and destiny of our cosmos:
with or without intelligence...

But for a Catholic priest it must have been indeed very, very painful in all respects

I consider him the Galileo of modern times