Last call from Earth
Homo sapiens' saga for survival

Even when most of the concepts presented in the

Last call from Earth novel

and the Rupturian movies

are based on up-to-date scientific, philosophical,
and spiritual facts and concepts,
there are also many imaginary ones;

consequently, they are presented as
Sci-Fi .

There are no claims otherwise.  
What is Last call from Earth?

Last call from Earth (lcfEarh) is a trilogy that presents the Homo sapiens' saga for survival over
a period of 280 years starting after a mass extinction event. It is a compendium of reports
prepared by Al Herr V, the Historian, in the year 2292 AD.  


Additionally, there is a report that presents the foundation concepts of the Rupturian Vision of
Reality (RVR)  

Who were the Rupturians?

The Rupturians flourished as an advanced civilization for over 20 million years in an archipelago
of planets, in a sea of plasma waves that existed at the other side of the Milky Way, in the
Triangulum galaxy.

Who or what are the soulstrings?

They brought life to Earth and assisted man in his process of evolution.

Do you want to know more about our evolution? About where we came from? About what is our
final destination?  Read my

To introduce you to the Last Call from Earth trilogy and its Foundation Concepts, I invite you to
click on the links listed below. For full reports in hardcover, paperback and digital form, go to the


Within the context of Homo sapiens' saga for survival,
learn about the nature and evolution of the soul, soul
transplantation from one body to another, the transfiguration of
the soul's spiritual energy into soutstrings, and about how can we
engineer a biological optimization of the
Homo sapiens' evolution.

We have entered in contact with the Rupturians,
a civilization  20 million years old
that knows the ins and outs of the universe...

We gain access to their advanced technology:

Teleportation faster than the speed of light,
cloning to perfection,
soul transplant to a younger and healthier clone of yourself...
but then...  
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Put yourself in the future, in the XXIII century...
we are not on Earth anymore
Alberto Herrera Guzmán

The original Rupturian trilogy of novels was replaced by the eight movies of the
Rupturian saga. Both start with a mass extinction catastrophic event that puts us
in contact with a highly advanced alien civilization, the Rupturians, both end with
a last call from Earth, just before its final destruction; humans as we are, we will
end up destroying Earth.

The Novels Vs the Movies