Last call from Earth
Homo sapiens' saga for survival
Topics already  covered:           
  • What is Evolution?                                                       
  • What is Evolution Engineering?                                  
  • Rupturian influence on the Mayan civilization        
  • Who were the Rupturians?
  • My transformation
  • What are the soulstrings?


Topics to be covered:             
  • What is the Soul?                                                             
  • What is Soul Engineering?        
  • What is Soul Transplant?    
  • What are Collective Souls? (Collective Consciousness)       
  • What is Cosmic Evolution?                                           
  • What are the two Dimensions of God                        
  • What are the two Dimensions  of Reality                    
  • What are the Seven Layers of Reality                                          
  • What are the Principles of the Subjacent Layer of Reality?     
  • What are the Rupturian Paradigms?                                          

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