Last call from Earth
Homo sapiens' saga for survival
Stage III, Spiritual Survival

As the Circadian Rhythm Degeneration Syndrome (CRDS) advances, the people in the colonies of the Ptolomeo Dual Spiral
become unimaginably deformed: physically, mentally, and emotionally.

With the ecological imbalance at the microbiological level not yet checked in any of the colonies, billions of microscopic viruses
appear; they are so small that they seemed to be at the verge of nothingness: the edge that exists between being and not-being, the
two dimensions of God.

By the principle of affinity, these microscopic viruses associate with the virus component of the body cells and disrupt the normal
functioning of the DNA archetypes. Without the DNA’s guidance and control, bodies, minds and emotions become grotesque and
repugnant in many ways.

While hundreds of thousands of people in the colonies have their souls transplanted to healthy bodies developed in genetically
controlled lab environments, hundreds of millions remain without any possible biological salvation.

Still in possession of their spiritual force, they commit mass suicides using Rupturian- designed Transfiguration Chambers, where,
instead of dying, their collective spiritual energy is transferred into life sustaining environment (LSE) scouts.
The LSE scouts in essence are soulstrings; they look like spheres of light and could mistakenly be taken as “angels”, which they
are not. They are just transmitters of spiritual energy: The force of life.

The Rupturians’ soulstrings were the ones that brought life to Earth.  Now it is our turn:  the Homo sapiens’ soulstrings will reach
out into the vastness of the universe looking for planets that can sustain life.

Witness events from the past via the Parallel Dimension of Reality

Teotihuacán (II century A.D.): The Hope of Man.    

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Al Herr
Millions are committing suicide
Will the human spirit be able to survive?

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