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The Parallel Dimension of Reality
The parallel dimension of reality is the background of the real dimension of reality. While at our current state of evolution, our
capacity of perception allows us to perceive/project seven layers in the real dimension of reality, the number of layers of the
parallel dimension of reality is infinite.

The shortest quantum waves we can perceive in the real dimension of reality are the gamma rays. In the parallel dimension of
reality, there are waves so infinitely smaller than the gamma rays that they touch the dimension of nothingness, the edge
between Not-Being and Being, the two dimensions of God. They are known as “
parallelon waves”.

The infinitely small parallelon waves of the parallel dimension of reality, record an image of the real dimension, as the universe
expands in the branes of time and space. With the proper frequency, we can open a portal to the parallel dimension and perceive
events from the past recorded in the parallelon waves.

Since we all human beings create our real reality from the same background parallelon waves, we are connected to each other
by these waves and we can communicate and integrate with each other’s consciousness. The key is to tune ourselves with the
proper wave frequencies.

The maximum speed in the space-time branes perceived in the real dimension  is the speed of light –which is a brane by its
own, but in the parallel dimension, the velocity of the parallelon waves is immensely higher than the speed of light.

The Polynesians sail among the islands of their area following sea waves that connect one island to another. Similarly, we can
travel in the universe following parallelon waves in the parallel dimension of reality that connect vast areas of space.
Credit NASA

For additional concepts about the parallel dimension of reality, and its relationship with the real dimension of reality, including the seven
layers of the deal dimension and the Rupturian model of the cosmos, see the full report Rupturian Vision of Reality.

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Witness events from the
past via the
Parallel Dimension
Parallelon Waves in the Parallel Dimension

Infinitely small,
in a continuous metamorphosis
between Not-Being and Being.

Now they are and yet,
they are-not.

Now they are-not and yet,
they are.