Last call from Earth
Homo sapiens' saga for survival
Paradigms for a New Personal Reality

The Eagle’s Plight

Among the eagles there is one that may live up to 65 years.  With the exception of man and the turtle, no other animal surpass the
eagle in potential age. But to reach that age, the eagle must go through a painful transformation. At the age of 40 his wings are so
heavy, and his nails and tip have become so curved that he can not catch fish anymore. At that stage of his life, the eagle has only
two alternatives: O renovates himself, or dies.

The eagle looks then for the highest places in the mountains. Once he gets there, he completely breaks his tip against the stones…
and sits down to wait until his tip is reborn… (Maybe, and we don’t know that, he meditates about what he has done with his life up
to that moment, and about the changes he  would make if…).     

Once he has a new tip, he tears up his wings and nails with it… and sits down again to wait until they grow back.

With this transformation (change of form), he flies out to leave another 25 years.

Similarly we, the Homo sapiens, need to renovate ourselves in the course of our lives, with the difference that in our case it must be
a continuous renovation that includes not only transformation, but also transfiguration (change of spirit and mission).

We cannot break our teeth with a stone and sit down to wait until they grow back; that would be too easy.  What we need to do is too
break all the heavy mental structures that we build and accumulate to “protect” our ego… and that is not easy. Our liberation from
our self-imposed limitations is an arduous and continuous lifetime endeavor.

I invite you to review your fundamental paradigms, under the light of the latest scientific, technological and spiritual advances, and
the perspective that comes from the new global character of our societies.

As a starting guide, I invite you to review the Rupturian Paradigms presented in the Rupturian Vision of Reality report. These
paradigms cover the following topics:



In the LCE Stages I and III, the following themes are presented with respect to the conception, development and education of the
Children of God, within the overall context of a continuous biological and spiritual renovation:    

LCE Stage I, Biological Survival

  • Microbiological Optimization of the Homo sapiens’  Evolution  
  • Genes
  • Stem Cells Personal Banks

LCE Stage III, Spiritual Survival

  • Spiritual Optimization of Homo sapiens’  Evolution
  • Individual States of Consciousness
  • Collective States of Consciousness

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Al Herr
The supreme paradigm is God

God has two dimensions: Not-Being and Being

Withing this context, God has created multiple universes
Our universe is one of them

In our universe, we are God's most precious creation

The world exist for us to exist
  • The Supreme Paradigm (God)
  • The Anthropic Paradigm (Mission)
  • The Holographic Paradigm (Nature of Reality)
  • The Layers of Reality Paradigm (Perspective)
  • The Deep Time Paradigm (Cosmic Evolution)
  • The Soul Paradigm (State-Nature of the Soul)
  • The Continuous Renovation Paradigm
Your paradigms
are the key
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