Last call from Earth
Homo sapiens' saga for survival
The Initial Report
Human Survival Authority
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The point of no return. That’s where we’re headed.

Human life in our galactic colonies will be extinct in a few hundred years.

Human life span has been extended practically without limits. We have abused regulations to such an extent that we now have
colonies in which the average age is over 120 years.

We have optimized genes and DNA structures, organs and stem cell transplantations; we have customized drugs from
biotechnology, genomics, and nanomedicine, and as a result we now have the spread of diseases under control. However, we
have a problem that we did not anticipate. When we did the massive teleportation of human bodies from Earth to the colonies, we
left many other microbiological beings behind, such as the flora and fauna needed to maintain our internal, microbial-ecological
systems in balance. Consequently, all inhabitants in our galactic colonies, even if they never get sick and/or die of natural causes,
are losing their most basic biological functions in what we have come to term
CRDS for Circadian Rhythm Degeneration Syndrome.

People in the colonies are losing the most basic physical body function controls, such as the maintenance of a normal body
weight.  We have thousands of people who now weigh over 2,000 pounds, with no other solution for them other than to live in
desperation or commit suicide.

Being out of control of the basic body functions creates problems not proper to mention in this report, but that you on the Brain
Council can imagine. Without an internal biological clock functioning properly, we have little girls under the age of five who lose all
their ovules in a single menstrual flush and never menstruate again. Not maintaining a steady chemistry in the brain, there are
cases of people that have been talking nonsense for years, unable to maintain the focus of their attention, wandering from one
thought to another without control.

And if this is happening now, you can easily envision what will happen in the future when CRDS gets to a higher level and results in
unimaginable physical malfunctions and deformities.  

Therefore, as a matter of urgency, we ask the Brain Council to combine the Microbiological Life Support Agency (MLSA) with the Inter
Galactic Teleportation Agency (IGTA) to create the Human Survival Authority (HSA), with
ABSOLUTE POWERS over all humans and
the flora and fauna in our universe.

We propose to carry out the following plan of action:

There will be no more newborns in the colonies. We will emit an electromagnetic radiation at ovule-spermatozoid level, which will
block the development of new conceptions.

All people, in all galactic colonies, over 120 years of age will be transfigured into spiritual energy.  This will be done using Inter
Galactic Teleportation Chambers (IGTC), which will be modified for soul transfiguration; that is, the replication procedure of the
body, which is normally run at the destination chambers, will not be executed.  People to be transfigured will be properly educated
for their understanding that they will not really die but will go instead to a temporary stage in the Parallel Dimension of Reality, from
where their spiritual energy will be transferred into human soulstrings.

There are 800 million people in the colonies. Close to 300 million are over 120 years old.  Their transfiguration will leave us with
500 million under the age of 120.

We will establish a 40-year quarantine period during which...


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Why not Cloning?
Why not stem research?

Report presented by the Microbiological Life Support Agency (MLSA), Al Herr,
in conjunction with the Inter Galactic Teleportation Agency (IGTA), Helen Herr,

to the Brain Council (BC)  

Place:   New York, Earth
Year:   2085 A.D. (73 A.R.)
Al Herr V’s note:

The circadian rhythm dates back billions of years and served as the basis for the primitive organisms to
begin functioning, progressively, in more complex states.  This rhythm enables the biochemistry of our
bodies to run on time and in a pre-established order.

In the human body, this rhythm is orchestrated in the suprachiasmatic nucleus of the hypothalamus, in the
brain. It controls our temperature cycle and the secretion of hormones.  

Even when other biological rhythms were also affected, the name Circadian Rhythm Degeneration Syndrome
was used for the microbiological imbalance that was occurring in the colonies.

The circadian rhythm regulates biological activities that are linked to a 24-hour cycle, like brain wave activity,
cell regeneration, and hormone reproduction.  If the cell regeneration cycle doesn’t work properly, the body
retains its old cells while new ones are created, and consequently the body gains weight.  

It is impossible for a human body to weigh 2,000 pounds.  The heart cannot pump enough blood to maintain
such a body; the bones cannot sustain such a weight… But with CRDS, of the air that we breathe and
normally expel from the lungs, minuscule drops of oxygen get into all the cells of the body, which becomes
like a balloon.  So, literally, people with CRDS float.    
Al Herr V’s note:

For an understanding of the soul transplantation and soul transfiguration processes, it is necessary to

How the Inter Galactic Teleportation Chambers work, presented in the Technology Report of LCE Stage I,
Biological Survival.

The nature of the soul, and the dimensions and layers of reality, presented in the Rupturian Vision of
Reality report.
There is no cure to CRDS
The only solution is to transplant the soul to a healthy body... but,
what happens to the soul that was in that body before?    
What happens next?  Find out

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