Last call from Earth
Homo sapiens' saga for survival
Background Documents and Reports

Al Herr V’s note:

This report was extremely damaged, but using infrared technologies, we were able to pick it  up.
It is not dated, but it was prepared about the same time as the “Rupture of Our Universe” report.

Discovery of the Rupturian Civilization

Human Survival Authority
United Colonies Archives

From analyzing the spheres, first with beams of light, and second deciphering them in detail with the aid of
spintronic computers, we learned three very important matters:

One, the Rupturians extinguished, eliminated, and disintegrated themselves because their microbiological
internal body systems went out of control. Before disintegrating themselves, being very careful not to leave any
trace of their monstrous, deformed, uncontrollable bodies, they transfigured the spiritual energy of theirs souls
into soulstrings, who were sent out to all corners of our universe looking for environments that could sustain
life: They found Earth.
The Rupturian soulstrings started life on Earth and at some point in our spiral of
evolution transplanted the spiritual spark of thought into the brain of what then was still an underdeveloped
species—the Homo sapiens—but which at least had a healthy microbiological life ecosystem. They knew it
would take time but that eventually the Homo sapiens would, through evolution, get to a point where he would
be able to understand the Rupturian legacy and carry out their mission.

Two, the Rupturian legacy is their vision of reality, and their understanding of God’s purposes and designs.

Three, their anticipation of our need to expand beyond the solar system, for which they left us the design of
Inter Galactic Teleportation Chambers, along with maps of various space-time tunnels that we could use to
travel to areas of space already identified by them as appropriate for human colonization…  

Al Herr V’s note:

We were able to restore only fragments of the remaining parts of the report.  These fragments were scattered and
completely out of order as a consequence of the highly destructive microbiological attacks directed to the archives by
“Bacillus”, the worldwide bioterrorist organization, during the beginning of the Biological Survival stage.

The fragments, analyzed by groups of scholars, were found to belong rather to several reports.   Highly specialized
scholars, under my guidance and supervision as main historian reporting to the Human Survival Authority, by
consensus, prepared the “Rupturian Soulstrings” report included in the following pages.  

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What was the
origin of life on Earth?
The "Rupturian Soulstrings" report describes the origin and evolution of life on Earth

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This document is considered to be the most important document of mankind
since it describes the origin of life on Earth  
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