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Al Herr V’s note:

This report was found in the early archives section. It has no date, but it is believed to have been
prepared around 2016 A.D.

Human Survival Authority
United Colonies Archives

What happened at midnight on December 2012 doomsday?

That night was really the beginning of the end, of the end of the world as we knew it.  

On the midnight of December 21, 2012, a new Earth cycle began when a major disaster occurred, fulfilling the Mayan prophecy
obtained by correlating the date December 22, 2012 that appears several times in the Mayan calendar, with the Mayan Dresden
codex’s prophecy of a major disaster to occur.

The major disaster occurred when branes of our universe collided, not with the intensity to create another “Big Bang”, but that
resulted in a rupture through which drops of quantum string-waves, like drops of blood coming out of an injured body (spacetime
behaves like a fluid) escaped into the realm of nothingness.

During the time that this rupture lasted—less than 100 thousand of a second—before our universe sealed itself off following a
coagulation-like reaction, vast sections of our energy, space, time, and matter were sucked out of our universe.

One of the immediate, less than instantaneous consequences of this rupture was that millions of galaxies separated
themselves out and disappeared into the night. The Large Magellanic Cloud and the Andromeda galaxy drifted and merged with
the Milky Way.

The temperature of the galactic plane coming from our galaxy, which before the rupture was warmer than the average lowest
temperature in our universe, became colder. There were other areas in our universe, however, that became warmer, along the
areas of what later came to be known as the Ptolomeo Dual Spiral (The Spiral).

The rate of expansion of our universe jumped, from 80 kilometers per second per mega parsec, to 85 kilometers per second per
mega parsec.

The sun accelerated its freezing process, progressively shrinking to a white dwarf, each time giving less and less light and heat
to what was being left of Earth.

In this instantaneous shake of our universe, on Earth we experienced a major earthquake in the center of the Yucatan peninsula,
which left a rupture several miles deep, close to the ancient Mayan city of Tikal.

Several explorations were organized to get into the deep rupture at the Yucatan peninsula by universities and scientific
institutions, until, to our amazement; the remnants of a very old civilization were discovered underneath the Earth’s surface. It was
estimated that those remnants were close to 6 million years old. We called this civilization the Rupturians, since we came to
know about them after the rupture of our universe.

The remnants of the Rupturian civilization included seven spheres (only five were found). Although an initial interpretation of the
content of the spheres could be made by passing beams of light through them, which projected three-dimensional holograms,
they had embedded in the middle chip recordings. In the beginning we thought these chips could be of an electronic nature, but
they were not; they were based on spintronic technology, and it took us several years to decipher them….

Al Herr V’s notes:

This report continued, but the remaining pages were lost.


In the Mayan calendar, there are Earth cycles with duration of 5,125 years. The cycle that started on 3113 B.C.
ended on December 21, 2012 at midnight. A new cycle of 5,125 years started at 0:01 hours on December 22,
2012, and will end in the year 7137.

According to the Dresden codex, a major disaster was going to occur at the time of changing cycles.  The Dresden
codex is one of the three remaining Mayan astronomy books.

The major earthquake that struck the Yucatan peninsula on December 21, 2012 was 21.5 on the Richter scale.
Earthquakes greater than 8.0 on the Richter scale cause serious damage, rippling like waves several hundred miles

Before 2012, the greatest recorded earthquake ever was in Chile, in 1960, at a scale of 9.5. There were upheavals
in the land surface and the sea floors. Tsunamis traveled from Chile all the way to Hawaii.

On December 26th of 2004, a devastating earthquake centered 320 kilometers west of Medan, Sumatra, with a
magnitude of 9.0 on the Richter scale, shifted the Earth’s axis (inclination of terrestrial rotation). Its tsunamis killed
more than 200,000 people in Sri Lanka, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, the Maldives, and Myanmar.

Something miraculous happened, though, and it was that the 2012 earthquake lasted less than a fiftieth of a
second, and the waves didn’t ripple as a consequence of the instantaneous coagulation-like reaction of our universe:
It seemed as if the several miles deep rupture in the Yucatan peninsula just appeared there, from one moment to
the next, without any shake at all of any kind.  Had not been for this coagulation-like reaction at universe level, the
21.5 earthquake would have separated the Americas in half, bringing together the Atlantic and Pacific ocean-levels
with unimaginable destructive consequences.

Spintronic technology is based on the spin of the electrons. Instead of just two logical states, as there are in the
digital technology, it is possible to have several logical states simultaneously, with the consequences of significantly
enormous data storage capacity and data transmission speed, as well as multiple processing control states.

Only five Rupturian spheres of the same size were found, but we knew there were seven -one of a larger size,
because the initial hologram that is projected when a beam of light is passed through any of the spheres is a
diagram that has seven spheres.

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On the midnight of December 21, 2012, a new Earth cycle began when a major disaster occurred,
fulfilling the Mayan prophecy.

Nobody could ever realize at that time the  magnitude of such a disaster   
nor its catastrophic effect on the Earth's environment
and consequently on the destiny of mankind